What We Do

Executive Search

Agilis HR Consulting partners with our clients and offer them advice on their leadership and executive search needs across different industries and functions. We advise them of the market and talent landscape and how to best come up with the best fit.

We have a proven track record in the Asia Pacific with the following key industries across the different functions and leadership roles.

  • Consumer, Retail & Hospitality
  • Industrial & Manufacturing
  • Life Sciences & Healthcare
  • Non-Profit Organizations & Academic Institutions
  • Professional Services
  • Technology & Telecommunication

Talent Mapping

We help organizations understand their branding, market positioning based on the available talent pool in a certain geographical coverage. We also help them to create their talent pipeline by providing mapping services to ensure they have a healthy talent bench locally and/or regionally.  

This mapping service gives organizations a full view of the talent landscape and how they can be more proactive and competitive in their employee engagement and development. 

Coaching Services

We offer Executive and Career Coaching Services to leaders. We select to coach executives and potential leaders who have a strong desire and passion to make a difference. This is a one on one session to ensure our coachee reach their milestone and we make an impact on their objectives and goals.

Management Consulting

We help clients assess their organizations’ human capital capability based on performance vis-a-vis benchmark and company milestone. We can help you identify areas for improvement and recommend best practices.

We specialize in creating solutions for the Agile Workforce. We help clarify, define, refine, redefine key/essential processes, skills, and then implement infrastructures to improve on the efficiency of processes and procedures, and strengthen human capability, capacity, desire and commitment to focus on achieving their key performance indicators.