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In today’s fast-paced consumer markets, understanding and adapting to ever-changing customer demands is crucial. As customer expectations continue to rise, businesses are tasked with delivering higher quality, greater convenience, competitive pricing, and exceptional service across all channels.

To succeed in this dynamic environment, companies must leverage their talent and customer data to anticipate and respond to emerging needs. Building organizational agility and offering personalized, differentiated experiences are essential for fostering customer loyalty and advocacy. Simultaneously, businesses must improve operational efficiency, drive down costs, and enhance margins.

Navigating these challenges may seem daunting, but it’s what drives the success of industry leaders. By developing a strong bench of top talent, fostering a customer-centric culture, and establishing a flexible organizational structure, businesses can stay ahead of the competition, meet customer needs, and achieve their objectives. With the right expertise and guidance, your company can excel in the consumer markets landscape.


Diversity & Inclusion

There is a clear need to promote female talent, as just 5.6% of consumer CEOs today are women.


Digital Experience

Today only 16.7% of consumer CEOs have experience in a digital role, in the next five years that number will rise dramatically.


Sustainability in Leadership

According to RRA research, 85% of consumer companies had a sustainability leader who wore multiple hats across functions, rarely reporting to the CEO.

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Our Track Record of Successful Placements

  • President Asia, Consumer Goods USA Client (Singapore) Recruited for a Resilient Marketing Teams in Shanghai, China
  • Start up SEA Marketing Team in Philippines (Shanghai China)
  • Chief Procurement Officer for a Global Food Client, Philippines
  • Chief Human Resource for a Global Food Client in Philippines
  • Chief HR Officer for a Global Consumer Firm in Singapore
  • Country Manager for a Consumer Healthcare Client in Hong Kong
  • VP Global Research & Development for a Food Manufacturing Client in Manila Philippines
  • AVP Technical Services for a Food Manufacturing Client in Manila Philippines
  • AVP Global Research & Development for Chinese Food in Singapore
  • APAC Marketing Director for Consumer Packaged Goods in Singapore
  • SEA Marketing Director for a Consumer Goods Client in Thailand
  • SEA Marketing E-commerce Director for a Global Consumer Packaged Goods Client in Singapore
  • Commercial Director SEA for a global consumer Packaged Goods Client in Singapore
  • Country Manager, Food Solutions Business in Singapore
  • VP Marketing Asia, Global Food Services Client in Singapore
  • Recruited for an Order Management Team in Manila Philippines for a Medical Device Client

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