About Agilis Executive


originated from Latin;

meaning: moves easily, nimble, agile, quick, rapid, autonomously pro-active 

Our Mission & Vision

Agilis Executive is a people-centric firm that believes in the transformative power of exceptional leadership. We are committed to helping our clients create, develop, and grow efficient, high-performing organizations by connecting them with the most suitable leaders. Derived from the Latin word for “nimble” and “quick,” our name reflects our dedication to offering agile, responsive, and customized solutions in the fast-paced, ever-evolving world of executive search.

Our firm was founded on the principles of partnership, trust, and genuine understanding of our clients’ unique needs. We recognize that each organization has its own culture, values, and vision for the future. As such, our approach goes beyond simply filling a position; we strive to find the right fit in terms of both expertise and cultural alignment. Our commitment is also to ensure the candidate will stay and make significant changes in the organization they join. Our deep knowledge of various industries and extensive regional network enable us to identify, engage, and assess top talent, ensuring the perfect match for your organization’s requirements and aspirations.

Our consultants have won and completed leadership search assignments in Singapore, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. This diverse regional experience allows us to provide our clients with unparalleled insights and access to a broad pool of exceptional candidates.

At Agilis Executive, we understand that people are the cornerstone of success. That’s why we’re dedicated to empowering your organization with the exceptional leaders you need to navigate the challenges of today and drive the growth of tomorrow.

What We Do

Executive Search

Agilis Executive partners with our clients and offer them leadership advisory and executive search services across different industries and functions. We advise them of the market and talent landscape and how to best come up with the best fit.

We have a proven track record in Southeast Asia with the following key industries across the different functions and leadership roles.

  • CEO & Board of Director
  • Consumer, Retail & Hospitality
  • Industrial & Manufacturing
  • Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical & Healthcare
  • Academe & Professional Services
  • Professional Services
  • Technology & Telecommunication

Talent Mapping

We help organizations understand their branding, market positioning based on the available talent pool in a certain geographical coverage. We also help them create their talent pipeline by providing “who’s who in the market” to ensure they have a healthy talent bench locally and/or regionally.

This mapping service gives organizations a full view of the talent landscape and how they can be more proactive and competitive in their talent acquisition, leadership engagement and development.

About Us

Ivy Ang
Managing Director

C-Suite and Board Practices, Leadership Roles Executive Coach & Career Coach

Ivy is one of the pioneers of Agilis HR Consulting, a leadership advisory and executive search firm based in Singapore. With the aim of helping clients in building an efficient and successful organization, Ivy specializes in executive search and personally coaches leaders (both current and future ones) in various industries.

Ivy has more than 16 years of senior executive search experience; she manages client relationships, as an advisor for their strategic leadership needs in the Southeast Asia region. She personally leads and has always been highly focused in her search assignments. Her track record in search and advisory work has been in several industries including Industrial, Consumer, Life Sciences and Technology.