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Richard Madsen

Marketing Consultant Expert
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“The theme is always up to date with the changes of wordpress, following everything that’s happening.”

George Anderson

Avada’s CEO

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What is our Executive Search process?2023-05-14T15:37:23+08:00

Find out more about our approach to finding the best talents in the Our Approach page.

What happens after the Executive Search is completed?2023-05-14T15:36:55+08:00

Our work isn’t done once we have found the right CEO for your organization. Our commitment to candidate care includes periodic checks during the first year, demonstrating our dedication to your organization’s long-term success. By staying in touch and monitoring the candidate’s progress, we ensure a lasting and fruitful relationship between the executive and your organization.

We provide the new executive with a team of Agilis experts who guide them through to successfully navigate their new role and balance their perform and transform agenda. This includes:
Defining their personal brand and the legacy they want to leave behind.
Strengthening relationships with stakeholders inside and outside of the organization.
Building customized action plans that lead to differentiated outcomes and sustainable success.

Why should I consider Agilis Executive Search?2023-05-14T15:36:00+08:00

For over 25 years we have guided world-class organizations, large and small, both public and private, through critical leadership decisions from board and CEO selection to evaluation, transition and succession. We understand the changing nature of governance, including the expectations and implications that will affect boardrooms of today and certainly tomorrow.

In addition to our strategic market expertise, we draw upon proprietary data and insights—including the world’s largest normative CEO database—to build a picture of the leaders you need now and in the future. Our boardroom advisors offer you access to the world’s most extensive network of board -ready talent across all sectors and functions. We work to build diverse and complementary boards, optimizing the expertise and voices of all directors to create a cohesive, high performing team.

The result? A high performing senior team and a leadership pipeline that ensures your board and CEO are future focused and ready for whatever lies ahead.

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